Dentures deal with replacement of lost or missing teeth and oral tissues along with the function and appearance.

They can be broadly classified into two types:

- Complete denture

- Partial denture In the modern context, we have the latest, called Implant Over dentures (see cases)

Complete Denture:

A complete denture replaces all the missing teeth in a patient's mouth. It comes in various types of acrylic materials and replaces the esthetics as well as the functional requirements of a completely edentulous patient. There are various steps in its making, which involve precise impressions and measurements of various oral and facial structures. Depending on these, we make a denture with fulfills all your requirements and is also technically accurate. We offer Semi-flex dentures which serve very well to the patient. They have excellent gum-fit and are more compatible.

Partial Denture:
It replaces the partially or few missing teeth. Though most of you would prefer a fixed prosthesis in such a case, there are certain cases where a removable denture is preferred. Various factors play an important role in judging this, which are best decided by your dentist.

A cast partial denture has metal components along with certain acrylic parts. It is more stable and preferable in certain special cases.

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